1eco World

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Connect. Earn. Contribute.

1eco Limited, developer of 1eco World, aims to solve real-world societal issues by building a bridge between the virtual world and reality using decentralized blockchain technology.


Everyone is connected within our community.

1eco World utilizes a Connect-to-Earn (C2E) concept that allows users to earn profits and rewards through participation in the Interverse’s economic and business activities.

Our Application

Connect your Daily Life to 1eco World

1eco World’s C2E structure is expected to become a new paradigm of decentralized blockchain platforms.

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1eco's Interverse

The 1eco Interverse is a virtual world that connects Residents, Citizens, Business Owners, and Alliance Partners all together.

Main Hall

The Main Hall is the first building you visit in 1eco World. At the Main Hall, you can view all important announcements, complete daily reports for rewards, view a rewards table for each Economic Activity, and even invite your friends!


At the Embassy, new users can acquire their 1eco Residency and Citizenship.  When someone becomes a 1eco World Citizen, they gain the opportunity to apply for our Virtual Jobs to earn more Rewards.

Career Center

At the Career Center, 1eco Citizens have the opportunity to apply for Virtual Jobs including Editor, Supervisor, and Manager.

Local Market Center

The Local Market Center is where users can search for and review Local Restaurants to earn rewards. It is also a place where Business Owners can reach out and connect with their customers and future customers directly.

Commerce Center

The Commerce Center is where users can search for and review products to earn rewards. Come find, learn, and tell us about your favorite products at the Commerce Center!

Healthcare Center

At the Healthcare Center, 1eco users can earn rewards through completing health questionnaires, and 1eco World Citizens have the opportunity to receive remote healthcare from all over the world!

Point Exchange

The Points Exchange is where users are able to exchange all of the POCO points they've earned at the other entities for 1PECO coin!

NFT Market

At the NFT Market, 1eco World Citizens are able to buy and sell NFT's for real-world assets. NFT in 1eco World is an item that represents value in the real world. Connect and Earn through the 1eco World NFT Market!

1ECO Coin

1ECO is 1eco World’s governance coin. It is issued to decentralize ownership and governance of the 1eco ecosystem. 1ECO can be acquired on virtual currency exchanges. The primary purpose of 1ECO is to purchase personal and business citizenship in 1eco World, to stake, and to earn the right to participate in policy voting.

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1PECO Coin

1PECO is 1eco World’s utility coin that is vitally important to the success of the 1eco ecosystem. Along with 1ECO, 1PECO can be acquired on listed cryptocurrency exchanges. It is utilized as a payment method for a variety of purposes within 1eco World, such as job selection, NFT transactions, cash exchange of reward points earned through participation in 1eco World economic activities, acquisition of business rights, and much more!

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POCO point is a utility point with a fixed value. POCO points can be acquired by ecosystem participants (Residents, Citizens, etc.) through engagement in various economic activities within 1eco World. They serve as a standard for exchange when swapping between internal and external assets within the ecosystem. They are also used as a payment method within 1eco World and can be directly exchanged into 1PECO coin inside of the application.

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Solving Real World Problems

1eco's ecosystem will closely connect with reality in order to encourage green energy production, reduce harmful emissions, induce the use of smart e-mobility, provide small business owners and brands with solutions to promote and manage their customers equally and economically, and standardize healthcare data to provide higher-quality and accessible healthcare services.


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